Come run for fun!

Come join us!

Are you looking for a running group near the Ripon,* Wisconsin area? Come join the Ripon Area Runners! We are a small - but hopefully growing - group of runners with a variety of different paces. In our group runs, not only do the paces vary, but also the running distances. Are you a beginner runner? We can support you and adapt to your pace. No one gets left behind! 

As for our schedule, there is none. Instead, we have a calendar where we post in advance when and where we will be meeting to run. That calendar can be found under the 'Calendar' tab. 

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you will find what you need under the 'Contact' tab. 

Otherwise, to stay connected, follow our Facebook page or bookmark this page and keep an eye on our calendar. Find links to the Facebook page in the bottom right corner of this page or under the 'About' tab.

Happy running!

*Ripon, Wisconsin is in Fond du Lac county, about twenty minutes from Oshokosh, Wisconsin. If you don't know where either of these destinations are, then check out the map below.